Payments methods

Payment Return Form 


1. Payment upon receipt of your order at your place (COD method)

At the time that you receive your order at your place, you pay the total value of it.

Under the current tax provisions, from 03.01.2012 vouchers of worth more than 1.500 € to individuals (retail receipt) and vouchers worth over 3.000 € for professionals / companies (sales invoice) should be paid ONLY in the following ways:

• Deposit / transfer to a bank account

• Charge a credit or debit card 


2. Receipt and payment of your order from our shop

 Place your order at our eshop, receive your products at the store, and pay at the time of delivery.  


3. Payment via bank deposit

 If you do not have a credit card or if you can not easily be at your place at the delivery hours, you can pay your order via bank account.

You have to prepay your order in one of the following bank accounts we are cooperating with: 


Όνομα Τράπεζας: Εθνική Τράπεζα


Αριθμός Λογαριασμού: 225/002336-18

IBAN: GR5401102250000022500233618



Όνομα Τράπεζας: Τράπεζα Πειραιώς


Αριθμός Λογαριασμού: 5505-083534-110

IBAN: GR1901725050005505083534110




Please send us a copy of the bank transfer by fax to (+30) 210 87 36 101.

As soon as we receive a copy, we will send your order.

If you use web banking you can make the deposit  and inform us via Contact form.

Select the bank you want (by click on each bank) and you will be directed to the corresponding page (web banking) of your bank. 


 4. Pay by credit card

Our online store accepts all major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. Your transactions in our store are protected by maximum online security systems (SSL-128 bit and digital certification) which guarantee a secure transaction environment in most of the 500 biggest companies in the world.

Payment via credit card is protected by the security system (SSL 128-bit). In (secure) order form fill in all required fields (card number, expiry date and issuing bank). 

If you choose to pay by credit card you must be present during the delivery of your order with you by yourself, your credit card and your identity. In this case ( payment by credit card) your order cannot be received by another person but you. For store pickup the owner of the credit card should have with him his card and his identity as well. The same applies if ordering on behalf of a company. In this case, the card should be of the company and the receiver’s name should appear on the credit card. 

In each case, the 1,000 + visitors per day and the consistent operation of our online store since 2009 ensure the safety of your transactions. 


 5. Pay by PayPal

In RobotStore you can pay with your PayPal account. Payment through PayPal offers the advantage of faster customer service. Avoid the inconvenience and wasted time involved in traditional forms of payment such us wire transfers etc. By choosing PayPal payment, the procedure is as follows: 

  • The customer completes the necessary information to open his account on our site.
  • Then transferred via a secure connection with 256 bit SSL encryption from Verisign in a secure environment of Paypal.
  • Logs into his PayPal Account.
  • The PayPal account is charged the amount corresponding to your order.

This process is completely safe and at no stage in the above process credit card information or bank information is kept in any record or any third party records other than PayPal database which handles the online transaction. 


6. Πληρωμή μέ VIVA WALLET | Πληρωμή με Qr Code

Στο φυσικό μας κατάστημα παρέχουμε την δυνατότητα πληρωμής μέσω VIVA WALLET | Πληρωμή με Qr Code, για αγορές απευθείας από το Viva Wallet σας.

Ο νέος πρωτοποριακός τρόπος πληρωμής είναι εδώ!

Δείτε πως λειτουργεί.

Η πληρωμή θα ολοκληρωθεί στο κατάστημα.

Απαραίτητη προυπόθεση να διαθέτετε Viva Wallet και το αντίστοιχο app στο κινητό σας.


7. Πληρωμή μέ πιστωτική κάρτα

Στο φυσικό μας κατάστημα παρέχουμε την δυνατότητα πληρωμής μέσω POS | Τράπεζα Πειραιώς.

The payment will be completed in the store via POS terminal Paycenter Piraeus Bank.

A prerequisite is the presentation of a credit or debit card and identity if your card does not have a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Payment cards are accepted:
VISA - MasterCard - Maestro - UnionPay